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View Diary: BREAKING: Health Care Scandal in Kent Conrad's ND (updated) (287 comments)

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  •  Is it so unreasonable? (0+ / 0-)

    ... who are trying to figure out how to pay for health care reform.

    We're facing record debt and deficits. Burdening the federal government with additional health care expenses without finding a way to pay for them is simply irresponsible.

    •  Oh, thats the solution! (3+ / 0-)
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      StrayCat, Calamity Jean, indres

      The health insurance companies are bankrupting our country, but let's not take action to lower those expenses, because it requires spending some money upfront.  

      With that logic, I won't buy the new furnace, even if it does save me $500 a year.

      Or, that car with higher gas mileage that pays for itself in 3 years.

      For that matter, why fix our roads, that takes money too.  Oh, and bridges, what a waste that is.

      Why should I invest money at all?  That takes cash upfront too....

      Sure, let's just let the insurance industry eat us cuz we don't want to pay to fix it to save the money and our economy.

      Dude, the PO gives us a surplus of $150 billion!  That's a savings of 15%, a reasonable investment in this market.

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