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  •  Here in NC it's not much better (7+ / 0-)

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, ostensibly a non-profit, has a virtual monopolity concrning nearly all individual policies (over 90%) and controls about 72.5% of NC's health care insurance market.

    BCBS carrries the NC State Health Plan, which insures 667,000 teachers, state workers and retirees, and which lost almost $80 million dollars last year. The resulting audit of the plan blamed much of the problem on too much secrecy among health plan staff and Blue Cross Blue Shield. BCBSh responded with raised premiums and reduced benefits for state employees.

    Earlier this year, BCBSNC came under fire for developing ads against publicly-funded health care plan, prepared by Capstrat, a Raleigh public relations firm. The CEO of Capstrat. Ken Eudy, was the best man at the wedding of BCBSNC CEO Bob Greczyn. When the ads were leaked, the pressure against BCBS was such that they pulled the ads.

    At a recent protest against BCBS, Dr. Montana,  a physician at Duke University Hospital for over four decades, said:

    "[When it was founded] the mission of Blue Cross was to help provide health care at low cost. Over the years I’ve seen a drastic change...Blue Cross has acquired a corporate mentality."

    Adam Searing of the North Carolina Health Access Coalition has followed NC's health care system, in particular Blue Cross Blue Shield, for 12 years.

    "The CEO of Blue Cross makes 4 million a year, and last year he got a $766,000 bonus...all we got was a 20% increase in health premiums to pay for that bonus."

    Blue Cross Blue Shield:
    double-crossing you to shield profiteering

    I have won the War on Terror, and so can you. Simply refuse to be afraid.

    by heiderose1 on Tue Sep 08, 2009 at 01:20:30 PM PDT

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