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    Calamity Jean

    In short, the name of the gate was inspired in the Middle Ages by the Jesus quote, which appeared a few hundred years earlier. And the story lives on because we share the sentiment: Being rich isn't godly.

    This is an amazingly circumspect path to your REAL point, buried at the bottom. Your essay could start and stand at "For the last two centuries...".

    The point as I read it (it's a little fuzzy) is that this collapse may be an opportunity for new small businesses - new business "species" - to emerge in the shadow and rubble of the conglomerates. To its credit, your characterization does offer hope.

    But oddly, this meandering exercise in connecting biblical, biological and business evolution actually deflates our ability and responsibility to cope with the current mess. Making an analogy between our teetering economic system and biological mass extinctions makes it sound almost inevitable, a phenomenon we can only ride out and see what evolves.

    Sorry, but this is a human-designed economic system, and either we will fix it or we won't. Jesus' words (whether he actually uttered them or not) are at the core of it: Being rich doesn't qualify anyone for heaven. The greed of a powerful few got us here through criminal behavior (not a factor in the demise of the dinosaurs because we humans conceived the concept of criminality — and we need to apply and enforce it).  

    They could get away with it because they own not just the economic but the political system — specifically, the electoral system. The feeding tube isn't abstract or abstruse; it's their funding the campaigns of politicians, making virtually every lawmaker a fiscal dependent.

    The FBI in 2004 put out a press release warning that fraud was so rampant in the sub-prime mortgage industry that it threatened our very economic system. The press release attributed 80% of the fraud to the lenders, and announced Operation Quick Flip to fight it. (You'll find the PR on the FBI Web site.)

    Bush responded by gutting the FBI white-collar crime unit running Quick Flip, thereby confirming it would not enforce existing banking laws and allowing the frauds to eat the economy. (Keep in mind the Bush administration was literally the product of Karl Rove's list of campaign contributors. Rove recruited Bush, not the other way around, to serve the deep pockets; and he sat in on policy-making sessions, list in fist, clarifying what they did and didn't want.)

    Those same contributors remain in control through the Obama administration, which got more money from the usual suspects than it did from us little guys with our $25 MoveOn contributions. That's why he put bankers in charge of re-regulating the banks and why Paulson talked the Democrats into protecting the politically repulsive broken-bank CEO bonuses while pulling off the trillion-dollar heist of the U.S. treasury.

    My point is, let's get past this abstract, abstruse intellectualizing and focus on beating these big business beasts devouring our democracy as we speak.

    Still trying to decide what i want to be when i grow up.

    by damead on Sun Sep 06, 2009 at 11:03:45 AM PDT

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