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  •  Please cite where we can read more... (0+ / 0-)

    Yeah, I know wikipedia, but if you have some fave books or references, that would be great!

    Thx, --UB.

    •  UB, I actually have copies of two books by (0+ / 0-)

      Lamsa which are available at HOLY BIBLE FROM THE ANCIENT EASTERN TEXT and IDIOMS IN THE BIBLE EXPLAINED AND A KEY TO THE ORIGINAL GOSPELS. I also did a search on and you could certainly use other search engines using "George M. Lamsa."  His work has been around for some time and so there are a number of sources who quote him or discuss his background and work. I happened to see a TV interview featuring him and his work and it was fascinating. It may have been on the history channel. It was some time ago and I'm sorry I can't give you more direction as to how to unearth a source for that. If you are near a university or a larger city, perhaps you could find his work at a library. I live in a remote small town so kind of have to invest in my own books if they are not mainstream. Some of the interviews and articles on the web may give some of the content of his research. Hope you find it interesting as an adjunct to the usual interpretations and presentations of scriptural quotes and stories.

    •  UB, I found the actual Lamsa Bible online. Here (0+ / 0-)

      is a link:

      Please also read my other reply to you. On yahoo search you will find articles and biographical material on Lamsa including some who disagree with his thesis about bible language origins, etc. Always good to read both sides but I wasn't put off by those whose interests were not served by accepting Lamsa's work and allowing a bit more light on this subject material.

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