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  •  Can democrats continue to ignore their base?? (0+ / 0-)

    Repugs, no matter how outrageous claims, play to their base all the time. The Democrats seem to shun their base, after elections.Obama promised change, Senator Ted Kennedy believed in him and so did many democrats, even though he was "different". He was and is our hope.  While the repugs look for their GREAT WHITE HOPE, democratic hopes are in the duly elected president of the US. sorry for the preaching. but I am really concerned that if Obama, fails to deliver on health care, all the other important issues like: energy, global warming, environmental preservation will be lost. The democrats will not work to get things done, if their efforts are futile in the face of repug opposition when they are out of the majority. This health care effort has got to succeed in the eye of the american people. Obama cannot be perceived as "soft", uncertain and undecided.

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