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    Republicans are Assholes. You can not pay attention and come to any other conclusion. And Van said this before he joined the administration. When VP Cheney told a member of the Senate to Fuck Off, I don't recall him being asked to resign over it.

    This effort against Van Jones is an effort to exploit fear and get a force a resignation over bullshit. It appeals to the Chicken Littles in the Democratic Party and the love of astro-turf conflict from the DC media. To buy into this story you have to pump-up a lot of exaggerations into "facts". And you have to take Beck's view of the world as real.

    For example, according to the reports I've read on this Beck led outrage, the "Truther" allegations are not clear cut. One has to connect some dots that do not exist to make the link. It looks to me like Van signed a petition without carefully reading every word or researching the beliefs of the group behind the petition. Now, I've signed many petitions over the years and I can not say that I've always researched the group behind each one and knew everything they believed when I signed. In 2003 to 2004 I signed a number of petition against the Iraq War and to hold the Bush Administration accountable.

    There were quite a few petitions calling for an investigation into 9-11. Not all of these were "Truther" efforts. In fact, most were not, but there were (and are) legitimate concerns about the Bush Administrations responses to the attack--the Iraq war, the failure to resource the effort in Afghanistan, torture, domestic spying and on and on. Could Van and others lend their support to a petition without knowing that "Truthers" were behind it? Sure. And if you think back to 2003-2004 the "Truther" movement had not yet exposed their full wackiness.

    To throw Van Jones under the bus because he spoke the truth (Republicans ARE Assholes) is a surrender to fear. It may happen, but if it does it will be because chicken littles rule the Democratic Party. That will be a very sad day to see one of the most progressive folks in the Administration ran off because of irrational fear.

    If Van does leave he will continue the fight and be an effective voice for change. Which is more than I can say about those calling for his removal. Democrats and progressives who call for Van to be pushed under the bus have already surrendered and cower in fear of Republican bullies. They should hide under their beds and be quiet. Their fear is useless and they are as well.


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    by dengre on Sat Sep 05, 2009 at 06:32:49 AM PDT

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