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  •  I don't believe you.. (0+ / 0-)

    Are you the immigration attorney for drug dealers and child molesters trying to scam the system or bring in child brides for prostitution by lying on the forms?  

    I DO NOT BELIEVE that a simple typo can causes "...cuffs thrown on at the interview, followed by a strip search, imprisonment, terrible mistreatment, forcible deportation in chains from the United States, and a PERMANENT bar on re-entry."

    You would have to provide proof of this.  Immigration Officers are trained to separate lies, inconsistencies and false documentations and false marriages from typos and are just doing their jobs.

    Remember, I have seen these forms and they CLEARLY state that you can be imprisoned for providing false information.  Some people believe that if you get an attorney to fill out the form, for a few thousand dollars, you are then exempt from the truth requirement.  

    I know the scam Tim. One attorney wanted to charge $10,000 to do what I did myself.

    I have nothing against orderly family immigration.  My sibling's visa took over thirteen years if I remember correctly and we did not complain or try to cheat the line.

    Employment based visa programs, on the other hand, are exploitive and is a totally different matter, and is very bad for the country because of the near master/slave relationship the visa confers and the resulting displacement of U.S. workerforce.

    There is absolutely no inconsistency in my position.

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