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View Diary: Carter: Palestinian Leaders "Seriously Considering" One-State Solution (301 comments)

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    ...for two reasons.  First (and foremost), you withdrew an HR that was based on your being personally offended by my comments.  "Hiding" is for something that's excessive across the board, not just for what indignation a few such as yourself might sense.  So that's a good thing.

    Secondly, you raise a valid point that needs to be expanded upon.  The great fault in all religions---the "well-oiled machine finally beginning to clatter and clank"---is that the religious structures in society, whether Christian, Judaic, Islamic, Shintoist, Buddhist, Confucian, Wiccan, Rastafarian, or what have you---have all become demeaningly subservient to those who allege themselves to be nothing more that practitioners and adherents to their particular faith-regimens.  The individual who will not stand up and storm out---in loudly-expressed, righteous indignation---in the midst of a sermon of hatred and intolerance is no less guilty of that hatred and intolerance than the synaptically-challenged fool who spouts forth that hatred and intolerance from the pulpit.

    It is not enough; it has never been enough, and it will never be enough, to simply say to one's self that "I disagree."  That is the path of the Enabler, and the path of the Coward.  Those who fail to openly reject the evil, for whatever reason, deserve nothing else than to be lumped in with that evil, associated with that evil, and declared a sycophantic celebrant of that evil.

    As such, the tactic of attacking those who either wrongfully interpret and apply the tenets of any dogma, or those who by their own actions/inactions defend that wrongful interpretation and application, necessitates by philosophical default the waging of a general offensive upon the overall religion itself.

    It is called "War"---and it is supposed to be ugly, or as you stated above: "gross".  Otherwise, we'd be up to our eyeballs in it 24/7/365.

    We would all be "teabaggers"....

    The only good freeper is the one found at the bottom of an ocean....

    by Liberal Panzer on Tue Sep 08, 2009 at 11:25:14 AM PDT

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