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View Diary: UPDATED: Former Obama Staffers Are Standing Up for a Robust Public Option (241 comments)

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  •  I think Obama is toast. (0+ / 0-)

    His grade for the first 6 months? F
    Total Fail.
    He took the mojo from the Nov. smackdown of all things conservative and then
    let wingnuts and bluedogs determine the direction his policies would take.
    He shows absolutely no conviction or leadership.
    The bluedogs and wingnuts own his ass.

    •  So you want Obama like BUSH? (1+ / 0-)
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      To come and start dictating to those in congress what the hell he wants?? To tell them..MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY with cowboy diplomacy?? Yeah and we see what happened with bush when he tried that crap. You need to face reality of the situation. He has to work with what he has. He has to sometimes compromise in order to get a bill into LAW passed. He doesn't write laws or write legislation. The congress has control of everthing. They can either make him or break him. So before you start blaming the president, you neeed to look to the imcompetence in the house and senate because they control the direction of this country. Folks are tired of this fighting and the backstabbing but want a congress that works together to solve big issues.  Playing dictatorship as president will hurt the folks in power out of power in the next election. And I am speaking as a progressive. The reality of the situation is is that president obama has passed more bills in 8 months than any president has in 4 years. And this is becuase he was willing to negotiate and compromise to get what he wants.

      •  He can crank out the lofty rhetoric. (0+ / 0-)

        The problem he has (with me and apparently many others) is nobody has a clue where he stands on the issues. He talks like a Lefty and governs like a Righty.
        No, we don't need a cowboy dictator, but we need someone that can explain themselves and their positions a helluva lot better than this guy. Love him or hate him, we at least knew exactly where G. Dubya stood on every issue. There was no hemming and hawwing. For the Public Option this week, against the P.O. next week, we have no idea where Obama stands on any issue. How 'bout just showing a little leadership and if he gets a body slam or two he gets a body slam or two.
        But, as it stands now, I'm hoping somebody primaries his lame ass. Hillary??

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