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  •  conservative posters (none)
    Not just Tacitus, you also had people like John Cole, Navy Davy, and Moe Lane commenting here in those days. But they all got banned or departed in disgust due to Kos' explicit and unapologetic moderating bias in favor of left-leaning commenters. So lefties would flame righties without consequence but it was very difficult for righties to respond in kind without getting banned.

    Moderation in general was more controversial then, since it violated the traditional libertarian mores of the early Internet, and explicitly partisan moderation was condemned as fostering groupthink. And the resulting echo chamber did cripple the political analysis, in my opinion. I still remember my shock as all those races came down against us in 2002, contra dKos predictions, and how gracious Moe Lane was by commiserating without gloating that night.

    In a classy move, as dKos transitioned to full-blown Democratic activism, Kos provided for his early base of apartisan political junkies by organizing Political State Report.

    •  Unfortunately re: polstate (none)
      As a former contributor I can say Polstate has kind of gone downhill from lack of traffic after losing its priveledged link position in the upper right hand side of dkos.  It still has some pretty good posters around it though.

      From Baltimore County? Volunteer for the local party!

      by Lavoisier1794 on Sun Dec 05, 2004 at 04:23:16 PM PST

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