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  •  We'll always have snark (none)
    Snark is NOT a nonrenewable resource. I've been finding new sources daily. I think everyone is confusing lack of snark with post-election depression.
    •  snark is a matter of mind (none)
      it seems that  the freepers are really pushing the myth that the 'left' lost something in this reselection of 'w'.
      nay i say it aint so.  they are really nasty posting way to much about how we should all drop dead and move  such extemes.
      forget it about. i am 'too' liberal and frankly lazy to pull my shop out of  nyc to move to whereever.
      if their victory was so sound why must they taunt the majority into feeln bad.
      being reality based is just feeln about all the violence and death and economic depression sped on by their choice 'little boots'
      they are insecure with theri criminal acts and the truth always prevails.

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