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  •  Iran (none)
    If this speculation is right (not sure how I feel about it yet), then you also have to come up with a really compelling reason why you just don't make nice to Iran. It's easy to say these guys and Iran have intractable differences, because of 1979, because of 1953. But precisely these people have been doing business with Iran since, well, 1979. (And of course before, with the guy tending the shop before 1979.) So it must be something different.

    The rest of the world has made nice to IRan. Why not the US?

    •  Iran (none)
      first of all, Cheney did business with Iran when he was CEO of Halliburton.  It was illegal, but he tried to skirt the law by using subsidiaries located in the Cayman Islands.

      Secondly, Cheney agitated as CEO for a lifting of the ban on Iran.

      Thirdly, Iran is the leading sponsor of international terrorism, and even today is the leading candidate for the location of Osama.

      Fourth, most of the Iranian terrorism is aimed at Israel.  The Neo-cons are very hawkish on the West Bank, and generally speaking, are opposed to any land for peace swap.

      Fifth, Congress won't lift the ban, just like they wouldn't lift Section 907 banning aid to Azerbaijan, until after 9/11.

      That is why the Bushies had to resort to Secord et al.

      Lastly, we and the Turks wanted control of the pipeline for both security reasons, and because it brings a hefty fee for every gallon that flows through one's territory.

      "What can I say? I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy." -Pedro Martinez

      by BooMan23 on Mon Dec 06, 2004 at 11:11:09 AM PST

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      •  Hmm (none)
        I don't buy the argument, yet. Arguably, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are more dangerous sponsors of terrorism. And Hizbollah's now a political organization, not so much a terror organization.

        I agree that OBL may be hiding out in Teheran, along with his son who is certainly there. But OBL appearing to be in Pakistan didn't mean we couldn't improve relations with Pakistan.

        And I don't see how Halliburton's business with Iran would preclude detente with it.

        I really think there needs to be a different reason, more compelling and fundamental. I'm just not sure what it is.

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