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View Diary: OH-02: Krikorian Demands that Jean Schmidt Apologize to President for Birther Slander (42 comments)

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    When you say "the eastern part of the district" you really mean only Scioto County, only half of which is in OH-02. Pike County is outside of Book's statehouse district. You know how much of OH-02 is in that part of Scioto County? Only about 5% of the Democratic primary vote, and even less of the general election vote.

    Book appeals to the same group of machine Dems who supported Stephen Black in the 2008 primary, only Black was better known through the district and could raise much more money than Book can.  

    And what did Black accomplish? He only sabotaged Wulsin for the general election. Same with Book.

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      STFU if you don't know what you're talking about which you obviously don't.  Book has support in the eastern part of the district where Democrats have historically won.  He's from that part of the district whereas Krikorian is from Cincinnati--two hours away.  No way anyone in Pike County votes for a Cincinnati person over a Scioto County native.  That's just B.S.

      Todd Book isn't Steve Black.  Krikorian is.  Black was a recent conservative convert to the Democratic cause, just like Krikorian the '06 "Reagan conservative" who boasted John Boehner and Tom Brinkman's support.

      Krikorian, like Black, went around undermining the campaign of the likely Democratic nominee.  Hell, Krikorian campaigned that Wulsin was too "liberal" for the district while he claimed to be the "true conservative" in the race.

      Black didn't appeal to anyone.  That's why he lost.   Book isn't Black.  He sure as hell has more Democratic bona fides than Krikorian.

      More people in the eastern part of the district know Todd Book than Krikorian.  And those Democrats who do know Krikorian remember him for being the guy who split the anti-Schmidt vote while telling folks that Wulsin was too liberal.

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        Aside from violating DKOS posting rules, you obviously don't know "the eastern district" very well. Pike Countians do not know Todd Book. They do know Jim Parker, who is the third primary candidate Democrat in the race and is from Pike County. He won Pike County by a large margin in the 2006 primary. Parker has publicly attacked Todd Book as a machine Democrat, which is the kiss of death here.

        So let's say that Parker wins Pike County and Book wins Scioto County. That leaves 90% of the district where neither Parker nor Book is well known and where Krikorian will clean up.

        By your own logic, people in the western populated part of the district will not vote for Book, from the eastern extreme of the district. Which, by the way, is why Ted Strickland moved out of the district after OH-02 was created -- he couldn't win here, and neither can Book.

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