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  •  And Bush is the worst (none)
    sort of religious hypocrit, with no congregational affiliation whatsoever.  How does he get away with this?
    •  This is something I've wondered about (none)
      What religion is Bush?  I've heard that he is "born again", but what exactly does that mean?  Given how much the media has played up his religious values, they have not spent very much time investigating exactly what those values are.  He has given some very Christain answers to questions (like saying that Jesus is his favorite historical character), but has not discussed how he lives his life religiously, other than saying he prays a lot and listens to God in making decisions.

      This bothers me, because I worry that he is simply using religion to achieve his goals. I wonder if his "conversion" isn't simply a way of distancing himself from his disreputable past, and his saying that he listend to God to make decisions is not simply a way of side-stepping questions about how he makes decisions.  He certainly isn't religious in many ways I assume Christians will be - like going to Church.  Most devout Christians enjoy going to church - they feel it is a joy to share their faith with others.  He can't be bothered to give up sunday mornings.  

      Of course, I don't really understand religion in general, and what it means to be "born again" in particular.  I just see the right using religion to further their political goals and it bothers me.  And it bothers me more wondering if they aren't lying about their real beliefs when they do it.

      •  Far be it for me... (none) doubt the authenticity of whatever religious experiences GWB claims to have had, but I can't think of many things he has done as president that reflect the teachings of Jesus.

        Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.  (Matthew 5:9)

        The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'  (Matthew 25:40)

        •  That's just the problem (none)
          We have rules in our society that preclude challenging anybody's religious convictions.  I don't know why, but it simply isn't acceptable.  When a person says that they are a Christian, we are supposed to simply accept that a move on.  But sometimes people do use religion as a tool to persuade people that they are honest and sincere, when they are not.  

          It's ironic, because the right keeps saying that liberals have no respect for religion. But I think that the left is very respectful, to the point that we won't call anybody on their religious convictions.  I've read a few blog posting complaining about Bush's questionable religious credentials, but why aren't any religious leaders anybody challening Bush and his cronies publicly on his lack of consistant Christian principles?  Another irony - I don't expect my leaders to be Christian, so I suppose it shoudln't matter if he is or not, but it does bother me that we are allowing him to win elections based on a position that is internally inconsistant.  

      •  Jesusism (none)
        (like saying that Jesus is his favorite historical character)

        If you're referring to what I think you are, it was worse than that -- he said that Jesus was the political philosopher who had had the most impact on his thinking.  And he said the reason was "because he changed my heart."  And he further said, when pressed, with a smirky kind of shrug, that anyone who had been through the experience would know what he was talking about.

        I don't think Bush has the faintest clue about what religious doctrines he believes in.  I think he thinks that the Bible is A Good Thing and that he prays for guidance (and somehow God tells him he's always right).  And that's about it, and it's good enough for his supporters because it's "Christian" in about the blandest and least-specific way possible.

    •  Why does Bush have no congregational affiliation? (none)
      ...because, as in everything else, he's supremely confident he can go it alone.

      There is no path...the path is made by walking. ~ Antonio Machado

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