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    Matt Z, sethyeah, rda

    Will just make him an even bigger hero to his constituents and the other residents of Dumbfu**istan.  

    The more it becomes an issue, the more it sucks up media time/braincells that could otherwise be spent on explaining why health care is needed.  I don't see President Obama getting all bent out of shape.  Be cool like our Prez and let's not make this Wilson moron into any more of a hero to the nutjobs than he already is.  But if you want to give Glenn Beck more material for his show, you go right ahead. Just don't be surprised when his ratings go up.  

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      letting him get away with calling Obama a liar.  The more that accusation sits in the public discourse without being properly squashed, the more that people will think that there's something to it.  Ask John Kerry about the virtue of letting smears go unanswered.

      Also, calling people "dumb" simply for having a different opinion is dumb.

      "I've been on food stamps and welfare. Did anybody help me out? No." - Craig T. Nelson

      by RickD on Thu Sep 10, 2009 at 01:40:44 PM PDT

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        Matt Z, sethyeah

        You're right that my title was dumb.  I do apologize for that.  

        I get so frustrated, however, that so much time is spent on this back-and forth with the RW nut crowd.  If people come to this site looking for an intelligent discussion of the pro's & con's of the various health care reform proposals after hearing Pres. Obama's speech, where would they find it?  

        This group is raising money to spend on a losing bid to get Censure.  Far better to spend it on ads that would promote Obama's health care plan.  That's my main beef with this, it distracts from Obama's goal.  

        Also, the Kerry thing was a mano-a-mano issue, i.e., him not personally taking his "accusers" on, thus reinforcing the "wimp" image they tried to tag him with.   I fail to see how the left demanding censure on Pres. Obama's behalf makes Pres. Obama stand taller, since it's not going to succeed.  It just makes the Left look weaker.   Obama will stand tall when he whips the GOP's butt and gets a health care bill passed.  That, in my (obviously not so) humble opinion, is where the resources need to go.  

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