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  •  I was in SC for the first time last spring... (2+ / 0-)
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    polecat, busternjake a conference.  Charleston is a stunning city, with great restaurants and friendly folks.  After a couple days, we begin to notice there were no African Americans any where...even in the service sector. There were some basket weavers in the market that closed about 5:00...after which they disappeared fast.  Our hotel barmen, drivers, clerks, maids were all white.  In fact, we didn't see any Asians either. I saw several confederate flags for the first time in my apparently sheltered life and it caused a visceral reaction. It got creepy after a while. It surprises me not at all that Graham and Wilson are such bigots they feel no obligation to be civil to a man of color in a leadership position.  

    •  Biggest shock to me was that they (2+ / 0-)
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      polecat, cas2

      have no qualms about calling their antebellum estates historic plantations, for instance here.

      •  Yes & Did you see the "African American" tours? (1+ / 0-)
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        Compost On The Weeds

        ..advertised in the tour books?  At first I thought it meant tours of old slave quarters; then, I started to wonder if it was a dog whistle.  There were no African Americans on the tour buses I rode. Maybe I'm wrong about this but, after a week of near total "whiteness", I started seeing things through a filter of segregation.  And, of course, I was only in one city.  I'll gladly defer to someone with more knowledge.

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