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  •  I don't think for a minute that (1+ / 0-)
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    Pelosi will censure Joe Wilson.

    However, I want him to fear the threat of such a thing.  It will modify his future behavior.

    For those of you saying it will make Wilson a hero and/or martyr, here's some of the comments from the YouTube video showing McCain denouncing Wilson as being "disrepectful":

    I wish I could Vote for Joe Wilson!

    Joe Wilson for President!

    All Joe did was say what all of us out here was saying.


    The Mainstream Media is so laughable- what propagandists! They're trying to spin this like they're very offended that this Congressman would have stood up and pointed out Obama's lie. (We conservatives are just supposed to sit back and suck in the sickening outright lies & hypocrisy from the Leftists, and not say a WORD against it.) Ha!

    We can't make the mistake of projecting our attributes onto them.  They are children acting out, throwing temper tantrums. The adults in the room need to tell them that they are behaving inappopriately.

    BTW, other comments were much worse, but they are not fit to be published anywhere.

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