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  •  The fear many may have in joining the IGTNT team (17+ / 0-)

    is that their words and their work will not measure up to the quality we see on these pages. That's understandable. People should know that the IGTNT Team is just that: they are all volunteers, they assist each other as real teammates, and they write from a common ground of compassion. I have seen the work of almost every IGTNT Team Member improve with each new tribute.

    The lives of those about whom they write inspires their work, but every once in a while I will get an e-mail from one or another member of the team upset that they hadn’t done justice to the life about someone to whom they had paid tribute. I don’t know that anybody could. I don’t think it is possible. It is enough that through their tributes we learn that those we honor here were real people with real lives. They aren’t data.  To so many parents from whom I have heard that is an immeasurable comfort. To other survivors, after the news has been delivered, IGTNT is a place to discover that it is really true.

    As a veteran I have long believed my role at IGTNT is to support, honor, remember. I hope that more non-veterans reading these words realize that you have a greater role to play in keeping this series going. A couple of nights ago I posted once again this story:

    • I have have heard so many times from OEF/OIF veterans and their families. One I will never forget. That kid, 3 or 4 years ago, who was only 19 and looked 15, asked me if IGTNT would continue as long as the war lasts. I told him that I thought it would.

    He said "Good. I told Mom that if anything ever happened to me in the sandbox, go there. I'd rather have her read about me there than anywhere. Give them my thanks."

    I still do, everytime.

    Keeping that commitment depends on others sharing the burden. The benefits – well, the IGTNT team members are among the most respected people anywhere. They've earned it.

    Committing the crime of torture mandates punishment. Covering up a crime is a crime. That must stop NOW.

    by llbear on Sat Sep 12, 2009 at 06:02:23 PM PDT

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