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View Diary: McCain Circulating Petition Against Obama's Bill (68 comments)

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  •  Sent my boy...John...a letter (5+ / 0-)

    My senator has done standards...torture laws...etc...and very wrong as well...his run last year was a sad ending to his cred. I sent him an email when I read this diary.
    Thanks for the info.

    A little off subject....On your reelection site, I see a debt clock. Was there a debt clock on your last reelection site? Your "friend"...the last president...and your "friends" in congress who controlled the spending...added the vast majority of that number...will you and your party take responsibility for that?

    So...anyway...I hear a rumor that you are asking people to sign a petition...and in that talk about a TWO!!! trillion dollar plan....and a govt. takeover of health care.

    You have spent so much of your career being an honest honest negotiator...

    So...NOW you choose lying as a political THIS point of your career?

    Is now giving the democrats a win on this THAT important to you?

    I realize...that when Kristol told Dole that a win on health care would give the democrats n
    an unbeatable majority for decades....and Dole folded on his promises to Clinton...and I realize that you've ALL been operating with that dynamic in mind for years...but my god many lives are at many can be helped with solid reform...

    ...but's lies about govt. takeover and cost. What has become of your party...but more to the point....what has become of you?

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