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    As defiant as some on the right are about the fact that this has nothing to do with race, there’s an equal group of folks who believe it's ONLY grounded in race. Bottom line: Whether it's fair or not, there is a perception growing that race is driving some elements of the opposition to Obama. It probably means this tumult will only grow for the time being.

    This is bothersome to me... I really think that this is largely an idealogical division between north and south and that focuses on race is quite detrimental to an honest discussion of what is really going on. When a non-racist is accused of racism the door immediately slams on the conversation and this already isolated feeling region of the country feels even more isolated.

    I don't know if you've seen these estimates from a couple of weeks ago in this diary by Silver Springs. These numbers are pretty scary....It is like 2 different worlds. One largely united and the other starkly divided across racial lines!

    "Southern Whites" (approx. 21% of the U.S. population):
    Obama - 5% favorable; 91% unfavorable

    "everyone else" (non-Southerners of all races and Southern blacks and Hispanics; approx. 79% of the U.S. population):
    Obama - 68% favorable; 26% unfavorable


    "Southern Whites" - 64% favorable; 18% unfavorable
    "everyone else" - 9% favorable; 84% unfavorable

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