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View Diary: New AARP Poll: Obama Turns the Tide (309 comments)

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  •  I think President Obama knew (6+ / 0-)

    or else he would not have wasted his time. However, I do think he needs to keep talking to seniors, that is the group they are targeting, they vote. He needs to get out there to vetrans groups and wherever there is a large senior contstituency, and convince them Medicare will not be touched. The opposition is still using scare tactics on these folks, because they work, these folks are the most easily scared. Obama need to keep repeating his pledge to them to protect Medicare, and point out who it was who wants to really take their Medicare away, even if he has to individually name names. Remind the seniors, that the Democrats brought them Medicare, and it is his solem obligation as a Democratic President to insure the great programs the Democrats gave to them are untouched, no matter how hard they try. As long as he is President, they can be confident they will still have social security, and Medicare, just as they have now, if not better than they have now, perhaps finally they will now have real prescription drug coverage. By pushing his committment to Medicare, he will force the opposition to oppose it and show their true colors. This needs to be a big part of his sales job in the following weeks. Seniors vote, their children and grandchildren vote. Let people know, who exactly wants to "pull the plug on Grandma! This is one special interest group that is worth courting, beleive me, I deal with seniors every day, they are scared of this young President, they need to have his solem word and assurances he will fight for them.

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