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  •  The American middle class is gone forever, or (15+ / 0-)

    at least for a very long time.  That's because of the fact that manufacturing always goes to where the labor costs are the lowest, and that ain't here.  And there aren't enough really smart people in this country to do things like science and math to come up with new industries that can only be done here.  You're not going to create a middle class with social workers, dieticians, and hair and nail salons, etc.  Our only real chance is to spend a few billions on big projects like the Manhattan project.  Research, that will pay off years from now.  Unfortunately, our biggest industry right now is the war industry.  Lots of military jobs available right now.  Enlist.

    •  Not forever, I hope. (4+ / 0-)

      But you are SO right about this negative trend.  We cannot afford to become a nation where nothing is made. We don't produce nearly enough math, science, and tech graduates to staff our own corporations.  

      We do need new Manhattan projects--bunches of them.  Ironically, an R like Eisenhower had no trouble grasping this, and he threw his weight behind many infrastructure-related projects, along with some Federal $$.

      That Ike!  What a socialist!

      The main growth sector in the 90s was finance & insurance--a bubble that is exploding in our faces right now.

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