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  •  I'm curious (1+ / 0-)
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    Eric Blair

    What would that graph look like if instead of "median income", what was plotted was "median cost to employer" ?

    The reason I ask is that I recently read that employers have been passing increased costs of, e.g., health insurance on to the employees, that is, taking more out of their salaries to counteract the rising overall cost. If that is true and if the increase healthcare and other costs and forms of compensation  (pensions, social security, whatever) were high enough, then the picture could change considerably, along with its significance.

    Greg Shenaut

    •  and don't forget (0+ / 0-)

      that in many cases benefits are reduced.  If you got sick in 1975 and were insured, you were probably not going to have to pay very much.  Now the co-pays can be enormous.  We are paying more for worse insurance.  Factor that in and median net compensation today looks even worse.

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