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    If you spend any time rummaging through government reports, you'll begin to notice a rather shocking trend in several "red states," a trend that casts doubts on the veracity of "moral values" in those areas. For instance, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's "STD Surveillance," in 2002, Mississippi ranked 3rd in the US in the number of reported chlamydia cases, well ahead of states like Connecticut at 24 and Massachusetts at 44. In that same year, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi ranked in the top 20 states reporting gonorrhea cases, and in the top 10 states reporting syphilis cases. And since 1990, Mississippi has consistently had one of the highest infant mortality and child death rates in the country, easily surpassing such morally degenerate states as New York, California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. And let's not even talk about how in 2001, Mississippi ranked second in the nation for deaths by firearms, or how in 2002, Tennessee placed sixth on the list of violent crime offenses.

    What truly amazes me is that Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and several other red states receive far more in federal expenditures than they pay each year in taxes--a number which has been steadily increasing since 1993--even though their massive social problems aren't getting fixed! To my mind, this is the sort of rampant hypocrisy we should be pointing out.

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