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  •  Not so fast (none)
    ...these statistics are filled with noise and are not totally accurate.  Please have some skepticism and hold your bigotry in the light of that reality.  My post is upstring but don't take my word for it - there are others as well who have discussed the issues around these numbers and what they may actually reflect.  Blue states may just be richer and better able to cover their statistics.

    One thing is sure - these statistics have certainly allowed people here to give vent to a lot of bigotry on this blog and it is certainly something that we had better check out before "calling the kettle black" on the red states if you know what I mean.

    If we are progressives - if we actually hold to progressive ideals of equity, fairness and accountability, what are YOU doing to reflect that? Seems like the republican proficiency for dividing and conquering has infected US too.

    •  Wealthy? (none)
      Check the 'wealth' Vermont, which is low on the teen birth and teen abortion lists.

      And Maine has lower income yet, and is low on the teen birth list.

      There is more than one thing going on, surely,
      and acting like dismissive, patronizing, condescending 'elites' has not helped us in the past.  We need to be part of the solution...get the figures together, (in which case, I would check out what ME and VT are doing right, given that they are relatively poor), and propose solutions to the problems.

      Oh.  Isn't that what Dean did?
               Success by Six
               Medical coverage for children (think you can get your own birth control pills, in all likelihood)

      •  Relative (none)
        Vermont and Maine have higher per capita incomes than say, Mississippi and Alabama and higher levels of education.  Their state governments also operate quite differently and approaches to healthcare access differ.

        My point is not that rich states = lower teen pregnancy rates -though most people theorize that its true, but that these statistics themselves are very misleading.  The types of providers and access to different types of healthcare play a huge role in what is reported and what gets placed into the statistics.  There has long been a northern bias in the reporting of certain statistics. Therefore, before people get into a righteous tear about those damned red state moral low-lifes, they had better understand that they are basing that judgement on biased information.

        Also, just as you hint, is this what we should be about? Progressives win when we support the little guy, the non-elite - not just rich white people.

      •  No minorities (none)
        Vermont and Maine (and North Dakota for that matter) have very small numbers of minorities and they are rural small states with no major urban city.  I don't know how the statistics would look if we broke them down by city vs. rural, racially, or income-wise... but those differences would probably tell us more than comparing Maine to Louisiana and Oklahoma to New York.
        •  Just as likely to be due to child abuse (none)
          VT and ME do not encourage beating children.  Success by Six is very useful that way, because it is voluntary and always set up in the positive tone that almost all parents want to do the best for their kids, but don't always know how.  Every new parent gets a hospital visit, where they are asked if they want to participate in the program.  Overwhelmingly, most do. It's a good program.

          If you are an abused child, the one thing you want in your life is someone who really loves you.  First you find a guy...and whether he marries you or not, well then there's the baby.

          The Bible thumping churches are very positive on child beating.  I don't think it helps their teen age pregnancy statistics.

    •  frankly, in this day and age, I'll cop to a lot (none)
      of things.  I'll admit that I'm a bigot.  I hate Republicans.  Period.  Okay, perhaps the just plain stupid, or obviously misled ones I feel sorry for, but the rest of the lot can just f-off.    This includes my own family members.  I still have some love for them, but there is also hate there as well.  And as my excuse I'll cop to having been infected and now I'm hate-positive.  I admit it.  I can no longer just say, politely, "well, let's not talk about that at a family dinner."  I did my best to have "safe" political conversation--I brought along protection (a college education, an open liberal mind, an amusing wit)--but still, I wound up infected with hate.  

      And I know that I am not alone.  And the most troubling part for me lies in the possibility that I will no longer be able to channel this hate away from acts of militancy...

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