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    So what if blue staters are having more abortions.  Even if they are having enough abortions to make the stats even, red-staters have still failed to come up with a viable alternative to the reality of teen pregnancy.

    Is it not a hypocrisy of values to have so many teen pregnancies?  It has been my impression that the teenage mothers' in the two red states I have lived in (both "top 10" states, woo) are almost glorified for "doing the right thing," i.e.  committing themselves to a life of single parenthood, "welfare-mom" status, the lack of an education in most cases, etc.  And I don't think I need to point out what the right thinks of all those types of people, despite the fact that they are the wonderfully moral ladies refusing/unable to get abortions.

    Ok, ok, so teen sex is condemned too...up until the girl becomes pregnant.  Which is good, we should be supportive of girls in that situation.  But again with the red state double standard: what do they do about the men impregnating these girls?  Where is the outcry that statutory rape laws are so seldom enforced?  Why are deadbeat dads not as big a national issue as abortions?  It takes two to tango, yet all too often the victims of teen pregnancy/abstinence only education/unavailability of birth control are women only.

    "Loyalty to country: always. Loyalty to government: when it deserves it." -Mark Twain

    by quackard on Mon Dec 06, 2004 at 01:22:14 PM PST

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    •  You hit on many themes (none)
      ..all valid and related to unwanted pregnancies across the country - not just in the so called "red states".

      Unwanted pregnancies have one of two outcomes 1) they are terminated or miscarried or 2) the young moms have the baby.  

      Nationally, our teen pregancy rate is going down, though rates of unmarried women having babies has been going up.  

      This whole discussion and the "facts" behind the statistics is actually quite complex but has been simplified and made a lightining rod for way too many so called progressives who post on Kos.  I say so called because many of the comments that I read are breathtakingly judgmental and downright prejudiced - both culturally and economically.  Any republican red stater reading here would have their beliefs about so called liberals re-affirmed.

      I ask, what happened to progressive ideas and values?  We used to say thinkgs like that the distribution of wealth and power in our country did not empower the average person and that the outcome of that was a culture of huge disparities that was difficult to escape.  So much for that, huh?

      I am pretty disgusted.

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