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  •   my,you really are confused (none)
    Forgive me if i am not living up to your lofty standards,but it appears you are confused by what im saying...You furthermore seem to be confused about human nature..All im saying is that the GOP has offered these folks a rather appealing OUT, if you will, to their percieved problem....BLAMING OTHERS..Im not blaming the victims,as you so astutely pointed out,im blaming
    the GOP, for manipulating these people, for having no intention, whatsoever,of solving these
    problems..You see, if you blame others, then you tend not to blame yourself..What the fuck is so hard to understand....Oh yeah, and who the fuck do you think you are ,questioning, my or anybody elses liberal credentials ..and you accuse ME of
    looking down my nose at peolpe..You have got to be kiddng me...PATHETIC
    •  Sorry (none)
      ..if I misunderstood you.  It is sometimes hard in written posts to get the right emphasis in the right way...seems obvious but is not all the time.

      I am no authority on liberalism.  I was challenging you or anyone though on the grounds that I believed at first reading, your post sounded boggoted agains rural, red staters.

      Here is my bias:  I very much believe that we must bring our nation together once more.  We are destroying what is left of our fabric which was already damaged.  The republicans don't care...they can win by having half of the population support them and playing them against the rest of us.  Our ideals necessarily are inclusive and support the weakest to the strongest...our ideals take the hit in a society without a sense of a community ethic or ideal.  We know our survival as a nation depends on relying on each other.  It pained me not so much to read YOUR comments, but many of the others on our so called progressive blog that seemed to emphasize very low opinions of red state people who are in every way our target constituency should our party recover - the poor and those struggling in the working class.  Why was it ok to talk about their morals and intelligence in such a despicable way - the very people that we would want to recruit to our side?

      So that was my context and why I was so aggressive.  I apologize.  I am no authority on anything - just a questioner and a person who knows that our country must look after our people and be respectful of every one of us.

      Thanks for listening.

      •  me too..(sorry) (none)
        I admit, i am a wee bit irritated at the red staters, if you will, and am absolutely perplexed as to what to do about it. I mean WE are the ones who want to help these people..I think the problem, is that when we address these issues we are accusbed of snobbery,like we think we know better...I believe that these folks really dont think that they are part of the problem, they have been conditioned to believe that we are the problem ,and i cannot , for the life of me figure out what to do about it ...It really is extraordinarily ironic, dont you think?
        •  Yes - very ironic (none)
          ..but part of it is that they don't want to be "helped". Maybe that is the wrong context.  They want to "contribute" - to "help" - a more powerful and empowered context.  No one wants to be "helped" in this or any other country.

          Our message must be I think, "we are all in this together".

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