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  •  frankly, in this day and age, I'll cop to a lot (none)
    of things.  I'll admit that I'm a bigot.  I hate Republicans.  Period.  Okay, perhaps the just plain stupid, or obviously misled ones I feel sorry for, but the rest of the lot can just f-off.    This includes my own family members.  I still have some love for them, but there is also hate there as well.  And as my excuse I'll cop to having been infected and now I'm hate-positive.  I admit it.  I can no longer just say, politely, "well, let's not talk about that at a family dinner."  I did my best to have "safe" political conversation--I brought along protection (a college education, an open liberal mind, an amusing wit)--but still, I wound up infected with hate.  

    And I know that I am not alone.  And the most troubling part for me lies in the possibility that I will no longer be able to channel this hate away from acts of militancy...

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