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  •  One minor issue with the comparison ... (none)
    The difference is that his father actually raised taxes, whereas this is a rumor based on the anonymous, off-the-record and unsubstantiated speculation of "one prominent conservative" and a "congressional staffer".

    Not only is the accusation unsourced, but it is completely illogical: among Bush-voting states, Ohio, practically a prerequisite for a victory in the Electoral College, would be the hardest hit by a prospective elimination. Other victims? Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin would all be battered by this phenomenally unpopular initiative: they went for Kerry, respectively, by two, three, three, and less than one percentage point. Eliminating the deduction would sign away these key battleground states, and with them, the Presidency, to the Democrats in 2008. Even reintroducing segregation would be much more popular with the Republican base than raising taxes.

    But, by all means, let's jump on this. The Republicans didn't suffer lasting repercussions through having reflexively latched onto the Drudge-pushed 'Kerry-InternGate' story earlier this year, and rumors of this impending tax hike seem about as credible. The administration does not put a very high premium on truth, so why should we?

    •  My Tax professor (none)
      said the same thing.  He's also a practitioner.  Don't know if you trust him as a "source", but the word in the tax community is they want to get rid of state and local tax deductions.  He said this also has something to do with AMT.  Because of the federal tax decreases, more people have been forced to file AMT's, which exclude the deduction anyway.  We didn't get too much into AMT in this survey class (which, btw, I highly recommend to everyone--take a tax class!  Doesn't have to be at a law school.  Very, very valuable and, believe it or not, interesting) but the AMT is turning out to be a big problem.
      •  I heard that too (none)
        During the tax cut debates, someone wrote an article on how most of the middle class will be paying the Alternative Minimum in a few years. This either 1)puts a lie to the conservatives who are depending on this backdoor tax hike to pay for their foolishness, or 2) if they eliminate the AMT as well, really are a bunch of Armageddonists.
    •  Not a Rumor (none)
      This is not a rumor in the real sense.  The Bush administration wants this tax increase.  If this tax increase doesn't happen, the only reason will be because tax-payers make it clear to their congressmen (especially Republican ones) that they don't want it to happen.
    •  not a rumor (none)
      Hastert is working on the tax reform bill.

      The reason we don't know all the details is almost certainly that Bush wanted it kept under very close guard before the election. He wanted it kept so closely guarded, he wouldn't let Hastert write it before then.

      Hastert has said he supports removing the alternative tax, abolishing the income tax completely, and forming a federal sales tax.

      Until Hastert publicly supports removing that deduction, we should attack it, based on the rumors, and assume Hastert is actually planning something WORSE than that.

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