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View Diary: dKos Social History, cont'd: story time (45 comments)

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  •  ah, memories (none)
    Some other notable moments on the post-Scoop dKos social history timeline:

    --The famous Kos "screw them" post about Iraqi contractors/mercenaries. Made quite a splash, that one did.

    --The notorious "electability" debates, prompting one of theoria's (i think it was him) more memorable early diaries, "Fuck You and Your Electability Too"

    --The night when theoria's recurring "What's Your Fucking Problem" diary became, electrifyingly and movingly and almost without noticing it, a group hug for a heart-broken theoria.

    --The eerie silence that fell over dKos as the stunning results from Iowa were being reported, and the bout of introspection and recrimination that followed (not unlike this past November).

    --Following the play-by-play of the countless primary debates in the open threads. Usually very funny, and at least everybody could agree on hating Lieberman.

    --The 10 diaries within 30 seconds (including, I think, one of mine) announcing Gore's endorsement of Dean. As if, without our diaries, no one would have learned of this obscure piece of information.

    --Some memorable "faces" who seem to have disappeared from both dKos and its offspring like LSF: SlackerInc and his non-stop bomb-throwing and obnoxious diaries which, oddly enough, often prompted some pretty good discussions; Strategem/JR and his frosty but smart electoral analysis; Rob and his resolutely cheerful pro-Clark press release-diaries; GrassyTroll and her photoshop art; some ridiculous troll named BillM (I think--it was something like that) who would zap a 0 on any pixel that moved. Any other once-regular old-timers who (for good or bad) have gone MIA from dKos?

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