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  •  Oh but he *was* heard from... (none)
    A couple of weeks post Iowa (tho it may hve been post WI) he/she/it took a diary under the moniker "trout" and boasted of it's work thruot the primary season campaign.  Operative.  IIRC "trout" assisted fully, both sides, Democratic take down and Republican take down.  A playa. Playing both sides was a hallmark of this entire election season, primary and GE.

    ''His'' diary included a photo.  Of someone.
    And 60 or so posts as "trout".

    NOt very Rovian... Rove would have been swiftly on to the next target.  Here is an exemplar:

    They said it couldn't be done ... (none / 1)

    From ABC's The AfterNote of 1/18/03
    > Calling up a voter and saying, "You should know that Howard Dean did not
    > serve in the military" or "Howard Dean had trouble with the Abneki Indians
    > in his state" is a straightforward, negative advocacy call.

    I can't list all the Koz-ians who provided the motivation, but ...

    Kos, KevinA, 90201, PhoenixSomethingOrAnother, and other less memorable numbskulls.

    If you wait long enough by the river, eventually the bodies of your enemies will float by.

    by trout on Thu Feb 19th, 2004 at 01:09:55 PDT

    Dr. Dean Urges Supporters to Stick with Movement for Change | 249 comments (249 topical, 0 editorial, 0 hidden) | Cannot post in Archive  

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