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View Diary: Hate Comes to a Town Near You: 'We hate the President; We're gonna kill the President" UPDATED (391 comments)

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  •  I'm gonna guess that, IMO... (13+ / 0-)

    they might've even been...magnanimous (for want of a better term) before the election because they were absolutely confident that there was no way Obama could possibly win. And my thinking regarding this is that, contrary to the real world, many of them might have thought that there were a hell of a lot more people that shared at least a good portion of their views (for example, the "America is a centre right country" meme) than really did.

    " have to be happy with what you have to be happy with..."

    by soundchaser on Sat Sep 26, 2009 at 11:54:38 PM PDT

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    •  Exactly (12+ / 0-)
      And when the rug got pulled out from underneath them and then the world got turned upside down, they freaked out and then started to hate. But some of these people, usually are not the politic type, they usually don't vote, or even follow politics, which is why it seems like there are so many of them, because there is a portion that aren't even voters, they just had a major shock wave hit them, that for the first time in our history we have a President who is not white. It scared the shit (Sorry for my language) out of them and they act just as you would expect people to, who are wired for the Shock Theory, and that is spew hatred, they don't know why they hate him, or his policies, all they know is they just now started watching cable news, and Fox News is the only source for real, un-basis news, and Ayn Rand knows how to model a Government.

      "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" -Robert Francis Kennedy

      by LiberalKentuckian on Sun Sep 27, 2009 at 12:17:28 AM PDT

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      •  I think you are (6+ / 0-)

        very right on in this analysis.

        It reminds me of some things I read in a book by Derrick Jensen titled The Culture of Make Believe.

        From the perspective of those who are entitled, the problems begin when those they despise do not go along with—and have the power and wherewithal to not go along with—the perceived entitlement. <...>

        Several times I have commented that hatred felt long and deeply enough no longer feels like hatred, but more like tradition, economics, religion, what have you. It is when those traditions are challenged, when the entitlement is threatened, when the masks of religion, economics, and so on are pulled away that hate transforms from its more seemingly sophisticated, "normal," chronic state—where those exploited are looked down upon, or despised—to a more acute and obvious manifestation. Hate becomes more perceptible when it is no longer normalized.

        Another way to say all of this is that if the rhetoric of superiority works to maintain the entitlement, hatred and direct physical force remains underground. But when that rhetoric begins to fail, force and hatred waits in the wings, ready to explode.

        Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it. - Mahatma Gandhi

        by NLinStPaul on Sun Sep 27, 2009 at 07:51:55 AM PDT

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