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View Diary: Over the Line: Wingnut Pastor Attempts Inciting Assassination (216 comments)

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  •  be careful about "everyone needs to"... (1+ / 0-)
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    FBI & Secret Service are already swamped with stuff about rightie-nut terrorism and assassination threats.   If we deluge them with letters about something that is in the news (so they have already seen it), that will occupy staff time that's better spent chasing down more obscure information & evidence.  

    There's a fine balance here between the importance of reporting stuff we see, and not overloading the system with stuff they already know about.

    Generally speaking, if an event has made the major media, the FBI & Secret Service know about it.

    The people we need to deluge with mail about those instances, are our elected officials, with two goals in mind:

    One, more funding for FBI & Secret Service.  They desperately need to hire more staff & more field agents to keep up with the load.  

    Two, changing the laws to include "clear & foreseeable threat" with a "reasonable person test."  

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