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View Diary: Obama's economic plan: step 1. Tackle trade Deficit (90 comments)

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  •  why do we call it protectionism (4+ / 0-)

    when America does something to curb the flow of good paying jobs out of this country, yet remain silent when China does the same thing?

    China has manipulated the markets for the last decade or more, in their favor.  They've accomplished this by

    * Artificially lowering the value of the Yuan

    * Restricting exports of raw materials needed to produce steel

    * Reducing costs of business by using child, slave and prison labor

    * Reducing costs by producing goods for the global market that are poorly made, rendering electronics, tools and clothing as disposable, "renewable" items -- which in turn fills up worldwide landfills at a faster rate

     * Reduces costs by using Etheline glycol as a sweetener in foods and toothpastes instead of sucrose or other safe sweeteners

     * Further reducing the bottom line by failing to make its industries implement the same environmental standards the West is held to.

    China is all about protectionism.  They do it all the time, so people like you are accustomed to it.. soon it's a non-issue.  Until someone suggests that our own government do something to prevent offshoring and further decimation of domestic manufacturing.

    Sunshine on my shoulders...

    by pkbarbiedoll on Mon Sep 14, 2009 at 05:42:51 AM PDT

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    •  oh and dont forget (3+ / 0-)
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      Jagger, pkbarbiedoll, LegendClick

      the red chinese steal every trade secret they can get. when i worked at a major semiconductor designer, everthing and i do mean everything we sent to china turned up in copy form on the black market within 9 months.

      they steal anything they can. hey no wonder the rethugs like them so much, they both have the same outlook on life, ill steal mine and screw you...

      Welcome to the empire. now run away if you can... life is not a dress rehearsal

      by johnfire on Mon Sep 14, 2009 at 05:48:16 AM PDT

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