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View Diary: Whodunnit: A dKos mystery (43 comments)

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  •  it was (none)
    MSO she said so in a thread this weekend.  it may well be in the social history thread.

    i personally love this trick and have contributed several yummy dishes.

    •  Not in that thread (none)
      She popped in to say that she was back in town after ten days with family, but none of her recent comments contain such an admission.

      I blamed credited her, but Mike S says nay, and since he's like a god to me, I have to trust him.

      •  re: Not in that thread (none)
        I also thought it was Maryscott.  I know that my first exposure to the practice was one of her comments.  Why does Mike S say no?  

        Besides, even if it wasn't her it coulda been.  It seems so uniquely her...

        (with apologies to the originator if it was someone else)

        The chips are down. Find your outrage.

        by sj on Mon Dec 06, 2004 at 06:39:35 PM PST

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