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View Diary: Whodunnit: A dKos mystery (43 comments)

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    Cocktails    8 votes - 18 %
    Something simpler--I don't even know how to work my toaster    8 votes - 18 %  
    Atkins-approved    6 votes - 13 %  
    Desserts/ pastries    4 votes - 9 %  

    With the current 43 vote sample, it appears dKos members are overweight drunks who can't cook.  Say it isn't so.  

    BTW I voted Atkins, although they say South Beach is better for you heart .... if only the stereotype wasn't the beautiful rich people strutting their private-trainer-and-plastic-surgeon-shaped bodies in public.

    peel and core 3 quince
    cover with water and add brown sugar (splenda) to suit
    cook till tender
    serve with savory main dish

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