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View Diary: Part Trois- Why Sibel Edmonds Will Never Talk (89 comments)

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  •  The mundane abuse of power (none)
    (such as political deal making / rewards and punishment) and extreme abuse of power (targeting of citizens by our gov. / covert operations / torture / assassination) seems to underlie all these kinds of discussions. I believe that some of these players are (pathologically) addicted to circumventing laws and ethics and mores. (Even if it's not to achieve a particular end or goal. Sort of an adrenaline rush that comes from 'playing the game,' living outside the rules and not getting caught.)

    I think this is endemic in some police cultures.

    Talk about people who don't have a moral compass.  

    Of course the ones who behave this way (for the rush) are ripe to be exploited by those in power who actually have agendas and don't blanch at extralegal (or outrageous) methods of achieving their goals.

    I personally think that the DNC/progressives/liberal/ethical moderates ought to have think tanks and clearinghouses that investigate and organize this type of information and try to lift it right out of tin-foil hat territory.  

    (Aside: how about this for a new third party: Ethical Progressives)

    I think a case could even be made for a democratic party intelligence organization, provided that it's clear about what it won't do. If these conspiracies are pervasive and if they are succeeding at achieving their aims, namely the permanent concentration of power/money in certain hands, then we ought to face the necessity of fighting the conspiricies themselves with investigation, data and evidence gathering and ultimately, exposure and criminal proceedings.

    That is, we ought to be fighing the whole iceberg, not just the tip.

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