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  •  Implicit in liberal thinking is the belief that (2+ / 0-)
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    Sybil Liberty, NLinStPaul

    all people are equal.  If the society we live in systemically treats one group of people in an inferior manner based on race, gender, sexual preference or class, is it not incumbent upon liberals to help change that society?

    You wrote:

    And liberal whites are far superior to conservative whites on race.  There's just no question.  It's beyond stupid to get aggressive against liberal whites who try to integrate with people of color when, frankly in this still-two-thirds-white country they don't really have to.

    I believe that we should either be part of the solution or we inevitably end up being part of the problem.  To borrow a phrase:  Silence=Death.  Why do you believe that the diarist's perspective appears aggressive to liberal whites?  The woman in the example that the diarist noted made no effort to try to understand the obstacles the people she was trying to help face.  While it is indeed true that liberal whites do not have to try and "integrate with" non-whites, doesn't that attitude run counter to liberalism?  

    I may be wrong but I don't agree that non-whites need to be grateful.  We are after the same things; equality benefits both of us.

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