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View Diary: Sen. Bill Nelson called us 'stoopid' -- my response (UPDATED x2) (296 comments)

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    that's what I told him.  I also told him some other issues where I had disagreed, but that this one was more important.  And I mentioned that he'd need people like me not to stay home if Jeb Bush gets in the race in 2012.  because none of the people who would vote against "anyone who voted for the public option" would have voted for him anyway.

    I think it's good to stay away from threats that sound over the top, like voting for republicans - unless there is a specific republican with a better position to whom you can point (not likely nowadays).

    On the other hand, I don't think it's horrible for him to get some letters with angry threats to vote for the Repub, either.  I do not think that his office would just write off loads of those, any more than they'd ignore a bunch of angry teabaggers who inundated the office.  Any one letter doesn't matter to them, but a whole lot of letters with the same tone - however angry sounding - gets their attention.

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