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View Diary: Sen. Bill Nelson called us 'stoopid' -- my response (UPDATED x2) (296 comments)

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  •  THANK YOU. You INSPIRED me. I made my first (1+ / 0-)
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    call to a Senator today. I called both his Orlando and Washington offices. The lines were busy for quite a while so somebody is getting through! I told both staffers to please let Senator Nelson know he will not get a dime from me or my vote if he does not change his tune about a public option. I told them anything less is NOT REAL REFORM. I told them my family almost went bankrupt when my son was diagnosed with autism and the insurance company refused to cover his therapies. I told them that if Senator Nelson wants to oppose reform then he should run as a Republican and see if he will be fairly elected then.

    I feel good. My husband whispered "ass-kicker" under his breath while I was on the phone - HELL YEAH!

    Call 'em!

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