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    The Republicans know they win when they can appeal to the soccer moms (and dads) in the political center.  In 2004, they appealed to these folks' sense of security with the Democrats-want-you-to-die routine.  And it worked.

    In the 2006 mid-terms, the various Republican scandals turned these folks off, so the Democrats won back seats.

    In 2008, Obama had them sewed up as they saw McCain as too old, too out-of-touch, and the financial debacle was clearly tied to the Republicans, thus threatening these folks' financial security, and we saw a huge Democratic wave.

    In 2010 and 2012, the GOP has a chance if they can appeal to the suburban, middle class, nuclear families' needs with a populist campaign, but they've got no real hook or issue to hang it on yet.  A failure to pass a good bill on healthcare would certainly hand them one.

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