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  •  Re: The RNC versus the DNC (none)
    True Kos, except, the RNC chair's typically high level of public availability hasn't always worked to Republican advantage--both Barbour and Gilmore were pretty miserable failures. I haven't seen Gillespie, and won't tonight not having cable, but I doubt he's a Ron Brown.

    That said, yeah, neither's Terry Mac. And it's crucial to, as you do, put these issues in context as related--TNR as supposed "liberal" spokesjournal, lack of Dem talking head availability and fierceness, the laziness of the SCLM re Dems. Of course, this is exactly the set of problems that the CAP & etc renovation of the Dem superstructure started last year is designed to overcome--we need to encourage them to get a move on, as it were.

    Also FWIW on the RNC I highly doubt it is good strategy to give MoveOn's contest free publicity, however much it flaunts Godwin's law.

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