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  •  Re: The RNC versus the DNC (none)
    I saw Inside Politics, there was no mention of the NY Post article... and Tweety is coming up, so I will bother to catch it.  I am not expecting it to be discussed.

    The Dems long ago let this crap fly without counter attack, in the great (and wrong) demonisation of the liberal left, and engaged in it over the years themselves frankly.  They still worry about us.  I'm hopeful for the future, but will keep breathing no matter what...

    •  Inside Politics/Harball Report (4.00)
      I too saw 'Inside Politics' and don't recall Ed Gillespie being asked about the New York Post op-ed piece.

      I'm watching Wes Clark on 'Hardball' now. A summary of his comments:

      • He's the only well-financed alternative to Howard Dean.
      • Only he can be viable in Southern states in the General Election.
      • Bush took the country to war essentially for political reasons and was pushed towards it by misguided neocon advisors and hawks like Dick Cheney.
      • The Bush Administration has no effective plan to deal with North Korea.
      • The US military was unprepared in its efforts to find Osama Bin Laden.
      • Clark's strategy to beat Dean in liberal states like NY, WI, CA, etc., etc.: his strong foreign policy positions, his compassion, and his commitment to people.
      • Advocated "pulling the country together" and condemned the divisive tactics used by Republicans during the Clinton Years.
      • Had no comment on Dean and his religious beliefs.
      • Promoted his tax cut plan and vision for America.
      In the 'Political Buzz' section, the following was discussed by Lawrence O'Donnell, Laura Ingraham, and Howard Feinman:
      • Beating up on Cheney is useful in a Democratic primary. Perhaps not as much in the General Election.
      • Clark's approach: remind voters of Bill Clinton's hounding and impeachment vs Dean's approach: "Let's move past Clinton."
      • Matthews - Dean has momentum, trailing Bush only by 51%-46%. 35%-40% of Democrats are "highly motivated." Others were skeptical. Matthews wondered if people were underestimating Dean. Fineman - election could be very close. Ingraham, as usual, did not say anything intelligent.
      Kos, FYI: Ed Gillespie was NOT a guest on 'Hardball' this evening.

      ps: Bill O'Reilly, spouting his typical illogical bs, is now discussing the ad with Lanny Davis. No mention of the NY Post piece. Dinner time!

      A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

      by JekyllnHyde on Mon Jan 05, 2004 at 10:04:53 PM PST

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