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View Diary: Breaking? WTF does it take? Limbaugh and segregation (61 comments)

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    come on everybody, we're smarter than this.  listen to the whole stream.  his whole rant, including segregated busses for white kids with bars on the windows, is something he's accusing the media of calling for.  he's saying that the media is telling all whites they're racist.  listen for yourself.  he's projecting, plain and simple.


    by the disinfector on Thu Sep 17, 2009 at 08:23:14 AM PDT

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    •  but, worth considering (0+ / 0-)

      is the possibility of rush employing a pretty standard, tired old strategy of making the unpalpable palpable. he is introducing these ideas into the discourse simply for the sake of introducting these ideas into the discourse. he knows that these ideas will break off and begin to have a life of their own regardless of how he attributes them initially. eventually they get separated from the source and the 24-7 news cycle floats them along.

      my point is this: this is part of the growing and forceful effort to increase the acceptability and mainstreaming of racist thought incrementally. i agree with brklyngrl's comments regarding the fact that racism always has been around. it has. but now, it's going much more mainstream than at least i can remember in my relatively shorter memory. it is also a subtle form of fearmongering in both directions.

      "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -- Mahatma Gandhi

      by pablito on Thu Sep 17, 2009 at 08:31:36 AM PDT

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      •  i can kinda see that (0+ / 0-)

        anybody with half a brain who gets that rant in any kind of context knows that he's calling newsweek racists.

        i'm sure it wouldn't break his heart, though, if one of his (millions of) idiot listeners, who doesn't have half a brain, takes him literally and the meme started to propagate.

        in any case, all the people here taking it literally are going to look just as stupid as the dittoheads are.  if he gets wind of this, we're handing him a huge, and deserved, PR victory.  let's not do that.


        by the disinfector on Thu Sep 17, 2009 at 08:39:08 AM PDT

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      •  Being in favor of segregation is not (0+ / 0-)

        necessarily racist, although segregating people on the basis of superficial characteristics is easy and attractive to the lazy.  In Baghdad, the American military has segregated Iraqis who all look the same on the basis of their religious affiliation.  The same was true for the Nazis who segregated Jews on the basis of their religion.

        Most recently, in the U.S., there's been a lot of self-segregation based on wealth.  That certain populations are denied access to money and that these same populations were previously segregated by observable criteria (age, race, gender) is not a happenstance.  But, that it happens isn't proof of racism or sexism or ageism either.  What it's proof of is the preference for a stratified/segregated society in which some people are inherently/inheritedly better than others.

        In other words, the strategies they employ aren't motived by antagonism towards their victims; they're motivated by selfish self-centered interest.  And some of it is motivated by the fact that some people derive satisfaction from depriving others of things they don't even want for themselves--like appropriate medical care.

        If you define their behavior in terms of the effect on their victims, then the behavior cannot be changed.  Because, what you're counting on is either shame or empathy and these people have neither.

        How do you tell a predator from a protector? The predator will eat you sooner rather than later.

        by hannah on Thu Sep 17, 2009 at 09:34:12 AM PDT

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