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    Heavily edited, and hard to understand in places.  Still, it is obvious that the ACORN staffer is being asked to assist in protecting the girls from El Salvador, who are already in the country.  The San Diego staffer wanted to talk to lawyers and DAs.  A few commenters on this video at the BigGovernment website were skeptical of all the editing, and a couple of them said they got the impression that the ACORN staffer was trying to lead them on to get information from them that he could provide law enforcement.  

    Throughout these videos, there are traces of suggestions that the story that was told to these ACORN people is that Hannah and James are trying to avoid an abusive pimp and are trying to protect girls from El Salvador from an abusive pimp, and that James is trying to help Hannah stop being a prostitute.   All this is obvious just from these edited videos, which at this point are evidence of nothing.  

    It's really sad that the Congress of the United States would rush a vote based on these garbage videos.  It's even sadder that my two Democratic Senators would vote to defund ACORN without a full investigation.

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