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View Diary: ME-Init: Gay marriage all tied up, heading into November (188 comments)

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    Mainers (whether native or of the "from away" ilk) also don't like is having groups "from away" tell them what to do or think.  I'm up in the 2nd District and even the folks here who aren't  supportive of gay marriage are miffed at the money and people from out of state who are pulling strings here.  A couple of people who I work with, and who know that I have a gay daughter who is in a committed long-term relationship, have told me that while they would have a hard time voting for gay marriage, they are going to just not bother voting on this one since too many from away entities have pushed their noses into Maine's business.

    Our family can't afford more monetary donations, but we also can't afford not to donate in order to guarantee that all four of our kids get equal status to marry whoever they love.  Equality Maine has been doing a kickass job - kudos to their hard work!!

    When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it? Eleanor Roosevelt

    by seefleur on Fri Sep 18, 2009 at 12:11:44 PM PDT

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