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    citing this failure to observe the election certification isn't an attempt to nullify the election, but it supposedly gives the court an excuse for questioning whether Congress did due diligence in determining whether Obama was eligible to be president. If Congress was remiss in certification of the electoral votes, then the court should investigate whether they were also remiss about ascertaining Obama's other qualifications. That means the court must examine the long-form, purple-mounted, hand-embroidered, gilt-edged, subtly-perfumed, pineapple-flavored vault copy of Obama's birth certificate. Which Taitz would promptly claim was forged by the same Hawaiian officials who have already stated that the information on the original birth certificate is the same as the information on the certificate of birth legally issued by the state's computer system and presented by Obama as proof that he was born in Hawaii.

    But I'm intrigued by the prospect of President Truknutz Palin or Lady President Walnut Palin.

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