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    if for nothing more than the eye-opening view into a world most people know nothing about.

    The fact of the matter is that sex - alone and of itself - is not a corrosive substance.  The entire nation, today, seems wrapped in a whirlwind of neo-Victorianism all involving the term sex offender.  States compete with one another to see how many various actions, acts, practices, etc, they can wrap under that term; then criminalize and control their populations.

    Now, don't get me wrong:  rapists and child molesters deserve to be tried fairly. When found guilty, they deserve the full measure of the law applied.

    However, declaring and requiring life-time tracking of boys, barely over the age of majority, who have sex with their long-time girlfriends who may be just under the age of majority is one step too far.  Ruining young lives forever is a fool-hardy game.

    So are the various sting operations that target, arrest, then declare consenting men who have sex in obscure, hidden, yet public places as life-time sex offenders:  declared dangerous to the community forever.  Perhaps they deserve to be declared "Republican" for many of those of public note have been recently, but they are neither molesting children, nor seeking any display; merely relief.

    There is something wrong with society that discards people forever and ever. And there is something truly perverse in declaring people to be lifetime pariahs for simply practicing a slightly different version of a basic human need.

    The codification of sexual expression is most disturbing.  This neo-Victorian repression of sexuality is as odious an affair as the neo-conservative destruction of our foreign policy of the eight horrible years under that cocaine-affected cowardly bully of a pResident under which the entire nation suffered.  We continue to suffer the aftermath of that "neo-" experiment.   When will we stop to think about what we are doing to men forced to live under bridges in Florida or others elsewhere who are left with nowhere to live?

    No society can survive that creates ever enlarging pools of pure outcasts. At some future tipping point, such practices will cause their own out-of-control problems.

    Anyway... I guess that was a tantrum I've had building up in me for some time.  

    The author of this diary is a "self-confessed former whore."  Big deal.  I'm assuming he has made somewhat of a life for himself. He seems well adjusted enough and successful enough in life to reflect on his former years and give us all insight into what one sex worker thought and experienced.

    Thanks, MrJayTee for enlightening us some.

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