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    I came out after this time, in the 90s, but, even so, was terrified of the possibility of catching HIV/AIDS for a long time.  I was overcautious.  So much so that I often found it difficult to  trust people or to get intimate with people to the degree I should have.  The fear of it definitely had an effect on me because of my early perspectives during my childhood: hearing about the disease in my childhood, seeing people (famous people) dying from it, and hearing the messages (direct or implied) that this is a "gay disease" and, by implication, if you are queer, your days are numbered.

    That was my experience.  I don't feel scarred by it though - like the people who were actually in life & death situations in the 1980s or so.

    Anyway, I like the post.   I wish I could have done the same when I was that age.  No one knew what was ahead.  Times were more free in the 1970s, I guess, compared to the immediate moment when I arrived on the scene.  But you deal with what you're given.  


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