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  •  Many thanks for your recollections from another (3+ / 0-)
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    "senior citizen." Your remembrances bring back many of my own: victory gardens, rationing (sugar and butter, mainly, as my father had a job with the Signal Corps and so received a priority gasoline ration), news of The War via Movietone News at the Saturday matinees that cost us kids a dime for admission...
    My earliest, very vague political memory was of my father and his friends cursing "Stinky Roosevelt", a "traitor to his class" -- must have been during the 1936 campaign. Not sure how that connected with my voting for Adlai Stevenson the first time I could vote, or just where it was I went wrong. I have a more vivid memory of Hitler attacking Russia in 1939, and of course the big events of WWII: Pearl Harbor, where my uncle was stationed, the campaigns through Italy, Normandy, the Pacific isles, and the A bombing of Japan.
    Though we grew up as children of the depression, I don't remember being especially deprived even though my father didn't have a real job until the war started. Somehow we made do. But the experience, I like to think, made me resourceful, cautious with money (my own kids thought stingy), and responsible. I'm proud to have a couple of kids in whom some of these traits seem to have rubbed off a bit, even as they grew up in a very different world.

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